Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Again, it's been too long since I've been here. The wife and I went to New Mexico for a week, and now three weeks later I'm trying to recommit to a better diet. For the next week and half, I will be cutting out lots of things in preparation for a radical fast. I'm cutting out meat, caffeine, alcohol (not that I've had much in the 2 weeks since returning from NM), breads, dairy, and cooked veggies in order to prepare my gut for a raw vegetable and fruit juice fast. We purchased a juicer yesterday from Target, and thanks to some gift cards we had it was essentially free! Going to set that up today and juice some fruit or veggies with my salad for lunch. The thing I will miss the most is caffeine and breads/grains - I'm eating cereal for this week, then moving to fruits soon. God I love cereal.... And today is day one of no coffee and I'm doing ok, but I've got a small headache brewing. I might make some tea later - less caffeine but just enough for my body to react. We'll be doing the juice fast in the week or so before the term starts for like 10 days. It'll be rough I'm sure, but hopefully beneficial. 

I'll try to blog more regularly on how this endeavor goes. 

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  1. It will be rough, yes, but totally worth it. Message me if you want to talk about it. And definitely be completely off caffeine before then or you will die from the headache...