Thursday, February 28, 2013

So we meet again...

Oh good gravy it's been a while. Since last Summer?! And, as one could imagine, I've done next to nothing healthy during that time. I mean sure, I've been cooking more at home, but sometimes we'll go weeks without a fresh cooked meal. And don't even ask when the last time I worked out was... So we're trying to change that starting today.

For my wife's birthday, she said she wanted us to get healthy together and make that her present. So, two weeks after her birthday (because hey, we're both procrastinators), we're getting started. A 45 day workout commitment. Every day. At least 20 minutes.

So, starting today, I'll be blogging again, more to keep myself accountable than to update the maybe 2 people who will ever read this.

Weight: 252
Workout: Elliptical for 20 minutes, went 2.52 miles.

Now, I need some breakfast; I really need some protein. Eggs, a bit of cheese, english muffin, grape jelly it is. And coffee. Precious coffee.

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