Sunday, May 15, 2011

Slow Sunday

Today was a pretty lazy day. I woke up to rain most of the morning, which meant no bike ride for me. I did drive my route that I'll likely be taking to work tomorrow on my bike, so I'm a bit more comfortable with the idea of hoping on two wheels to take my fat ass to the office. I start teaching my summer class tomorrow as well and I need to pull some lecture material together in the morning for that, but it's a course I've taught a bunch now so I'm not too concerned.

What I am concerned about is my dog. She is a mini dachshund and chihuahua mix and we think she's hurt her back. My partner is taking her in to work with her tonight (yay for being married to a vet tech) to get her checked out. She's my first ever animal so I'm a bit worried about her. Dachshunds are notorious for having bad backs, and I hope we're not up with the decision of back surgery for her already. She's only about 7-8 years old...

But tonight I've got some other things to get done. I'll be prepping some foods for the beginning of this week while jamming out to some good tunes (starting off with Ryan Adams, who knows what'll happen after that). Here's to a beginning of a reluctantly healthy week.

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